Crab Members of the crab clan are large and powerful, muscular and crude. They tend to be heavily scarred and lightly bathed. They have black hair and eyes and their features are square.

Crane Crane clan tend to be tall and slender, with soft features. Many (particularly members of the Doji family) have white hair and their eyes are usually blue or light grey. They exude an air of nobility and confidence.

Dragon The dragon clan practice martial arts to keep their bodies and spirits perfectly honed. Physically they run the gamut from thin and wiry to large and muscular.

Lion Lions are trained soldiers and look the part; well developed muscles and a warrior's poise. They have wide facial features with hair that ranges from black toward brown or reddish and brown or hazel eyes.

Phoenix Members of the phoenix clan are tall with fine features and regal bearing. They share a certain avian grace with long necks, angular features and piercing stares.

Scorpion Scorpions are tough and wiry, and usually wear smug expressions behind their masks. Their skin tones are more olive than other Rokugan natives. Scorpions often wear their hair long and loose.

Unicorn Unicorns are short and stocky, with harsh features. Males often sport goatees. Only members of this clan routinely wear good made of bone, leather and fur.

Clanless Humans without a clan affiliation run the gamut of normal human appearances (within the ethnic variety present in the setting)


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